One of the ways Aramco Overseas fosters a closer relationship with suppliers is through its biannual Supplier Symposia.

Most recently, 70 strategically important suppliers gathered in the Hague, the Netherlands, to meet with managers and other representatives from Aramco Overseas as well as Saudi Aramco.

Complex and often critical subjects were on the agenda. These included:

  • the transformation of Saudi Aramco from a leading energy company to an integrated petrochemical company of the future
  • local content and inward investment
  • technology management
  • ethical business practices

Over the half-day symposium there were presentations, two panel sessions and a series of one-to-one meetings between 30 Aramco Overseas representatives and suppliers.

Events like this are clearly useful. Aramco Overseas representatives have been inundated with follow-up enquiries, while suppliers understand Aramco Overseas’ code of conduct better and are more willing to work in line with it.

If you are interested in this kind of exchange of information and ideas, look out for our upcoming supplier events.