On June 20, the opening ceremony of the Saudi Aramco sponsored “Geology & Technology” exhibition at the Museon took place. An AOC delegation of 16 people, headed by Ramsey Taylor, resident counsel of the Law Department, acting as managing director in Nabil Al-Dabal’s absence, represented the company. Co-sponsors of this exhibition included Shell, Total and EBN, a Dutch gas company.

The Museon is an educational Museum in The Hague that has existed for more than 100 years and aims to teach children about man and it’s relation to nature, culture and society. The exhibition is an addition to the permanent geology exhibition and teaches children about the main geological processes in the crust of the earth, showing the importance of geological research and oil and gas exploration. Interactive displays and modern media are used to teach children about complex processes in a playful way.

The evening began with informal drinks in the foyer, after which guests moved to the auditorium, where Museon Director Bert Molsbergen shared a warm word of welcome and thanks, emphasizing the strong relationship the museum has with Saudi Aramco. Alderman of Education at the municipality of The Hague, Ingrid van Engelshoven, held a speech on the importance of educational programs the Museon offers young children, followed by the quick and fun presentation of head of Design and Productions Mr. Maarten Okkersen. Professor Rob Govers of the Faculty of Geosciences at the University of Utrecht highlighted geosciences and current affairs from a scientific perspective, focusing on the tsunami that hit Japan in March of this year.

After the ceremony, the VIPs, amongst which was Mr. Taylor, were led to the exhibition room, where the alderman officially opened the exhibition by letting one of the exhibition objects, a fake volcano, explode. The rest of the guests soon followed to admire this new long-term exhibition that will be an educational highlight for all children visiting the Museon in the coming years.

By Felicia Pfeiffer