Matching fuel to emerging engine technologies is the focus of Aramco Overseas’ facility in Paris.

At the Aramco Fuel Research Center (AFRC) you’ll find a diverse yet highly collaborative group of engineers. They bring years of experience and technical expertise in engine technology, fuel combustion and fuel formulation. This expertise is put to use creatively as the team tries new fuel formulations that enable advanced engine technologies, and tests them on real vehicles.

There is a daily exchange of knowledge among the team members and their partners and industrial collaborators. Profiles at AFRC vary between engineers and PhDs with backgrounds in the automotive and oil industries.

Its key partner is IFPEN – the renowned French Institute of Petroleum – with which it not only shares an address, but scientists, an established ecosystem and industrial links to European automakers. It also works with several other partner companies including major automotive suppliers, equipment suppliers, engineering services firms and those also with a focus on fuel.

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