Networks of Knowledge

At Aramco Overseas we are building and always improving our networks of knowledge and expertise. We help Saudi Aramco apply world-class science, technology and engineering as part of its journey to become the leading integrated energy and petrochemical company in the global marketplace.

Currently our technology teams at Aramco Overseas are harnessing advances in:

  • upstream oil and gas technologies
  • refining and gas processing
  • petrochemicals
  • conventional and renewable power generation
  • energy efficiency
  • pollution abatement
  • water treatment

As well as running three research centers in Europe, we are continually building our knowledge and relationships with experts and innovators in all aspects of the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

Whether large or small, commercial or not-for-profit, established or start-up, we want to work with the best major and up-and-coming players in energy, oil and gas.

Sound like you?

If you have something to contribute in any of these areas, or are interested in becoming an Aramco Overseas technology partner, please contact us.