Each application for every role is important to us at Aramco Overseas.

What happens after you send us your application? First we will send you an email to confirm yours has been received.

All applications are then reviewed by our recruitment team and the hiring manager, who select candidates to be invited to interview based on how well they match the requirements of the position.


If you progress to the interview stage, the initial interview will be with the line manager and members of the team you would be working with. A second interview with other team members may follow, and there may also be technical, professional or psychometric testing depending on the position you have applied for.

If you are successful in the interview stage, we will call to inform you and proceed with an offer.

If you haven't been successful you will be given the opportunity to receive feedback. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to offer feedback to candidates who don't make it to the interview stage.